Saturday, 18 May 2013


I fell in love and have been eyeing the Alexander Rocco for months. I finally bought the rose gold one back in early February
 and I am going to reveal my honest opinion about the bag for any keen buyers out there.

I couldn't see the bag in person here in Melbourne. There are few Alexander Wang stockists but it was rare sight to see a 
Rocco in stores. I just had to trust my gut and splurge, and it was well worth it! Alexander Wang products can be easily 
sourced online, and I found it a little cheaper buying from

I'm from Australia and I purchased off, I trust and love their site. They have great customer service, 
gave me a tracking number and I received my bag from the states in just 3 days.

For a decent sized bag, the package from the post man was huge. It was a black 'designer boutique' box within the 
cardboard postage box, I was very happy to see they securely packaged with tissue paper and a dust bag inside,
 it instantly felt luxe!

The bag itself is pretty heavy, I would avoid being a heavy loader and just bring the necessities. It is manageable
 throughout the day carrying it on the arm, I was a bit sore, but there is a safe option of using the shoulder strap.
 I like the length of the strap, it fits nicely around the bag when you don't use it, so when you carry the short 
handles, the strap doesn't hang low.

My biggest concern was whether it would lose its shape over time. And it hasn't! Well at least not over the past 3 months
 and not with the leather on my one. I know that there are different leather textures/finishes used in Alexander Wang's Rocco 
range but I received the pebbled one and it's really nice. Sometimes I'd store it filled with scarves to keep it full and round. 
This is because I noticed that when I left it alone in its dust bag, the centre part sucks in while the round sides stayed 
prominent, giving it a empty look. But once you fill it up, there should be no problem.

The Rose Gold is impeccable! It is so shiny and reflective. You would be able to tell the difference of a fake one straight away 
by looking at its metal. It has a nice weight to it and doesn't look like the studs will budge.


It will fit your everyday essentials, I find it as the perfect everyday bag. It can store an iPad, however, will not fit a 13" laptop. 
There are also 2 zips on the side of the bag for easy access to something small and compact.

I did say I used this as a casual bag and its only been 3 months, there are only signs of slight wear on one of the corners, 
the black seems to be faded there but it doesn't bother me as it's really small. The studs on the bottom do show signs of
 scratching, its inevitable since that is the feet of the bag. Again, it's not severe and they still shine bright like a diamond. haha


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  1. Great post and pictures. This bag has been on my wishlist forever, lucky you!

    x Cammie